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Recruitment Guide to United Nations Jobs 2024 Full Pack
Unlock the secrets to get your dream job in UN agencies like WFP, UNHCR, UNICEF, IOM, WHO, ILO, OCHA, UNFPA, and more. Our brand-new 2024 Edition, includes the additional 68 pages packed with exclusive insights and expert tricks. Tailor your perfect application for each UN agency, learn proven strategies how to be shortlisted and pass the written tests, interviews, and Inspira screening. Real examples and sample written tests are included. This book is your passport to success.


Recruitment Guide to United Nations Jobs 2024 Standard Pack
The new 2024 Standard Edition includes an additional 60 pages of unique insights and professional tips. It provides exhaustive resources for applying to UN agencies, passing written tests, interviews, and Inspira screening questions. The Standard pack offers all that the Full pack does, except real-life examples and sample tests for UN agencies. Your success is just around the corner!


Recruitment Guide to UN Volunteers with new updates from 2024
A NEW UNV Recruitment Guide 2024 specially designed for UN Volunteers applicants like the easiest way to get the first job in the United Nations system. 37% of the present UN staff have previous UN Volunteers experience. It is the easiest way to start a career in the UN! New edition includes additional 15 pages.


Change your future now with our UN Recruitment Guide

You will get first-hand experience from United Nations HR Officers and former staff.
Our guide is based on real practical advice and techniques with examples.

Do you want to know how
to prepare your application?

Fill it out with special keywords
from job requirements
(with EXAMPLES!).

Do you want to be
shortlisted for the interview?

Read some useful advice
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Do you want to successfully pass
the interview in the United Nations?

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Do you want to know how
to fill in your application for UNV Talent Pool?

Useful tips with step by step instruction
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Do you know what
you will get as
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International Volunteer living allowance
with other benefits is up to 5000 USD!

Do you want to successfully pass
the interview and written test
in the UN Volunteers?

Use our interview techniques
and UNV written test samples.

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You will get first-hand experience from United Nations HR

Full pack with REAL UN tests samples 2022

Do you want to increase your chances even more?
Get our Full Pack Guide 2022 with REAL UN tests and written task samples for different jobs in UN agencies. New 2022 Edition has added 44 new pages with NEW tasks samples.



What is this guide about?
It provides step-by-step instructions to secure a job in the UN. It includes detailed advice on tailoring applications, preparing for written tests and interviews, and navigating the UN's application system, Inspira. The guides, updated for 2024, contain real examples, sample tests, and additional insights from UN HR officers and former UN staff. There are testimonials from individuals who successfully secured UN positions using the guide.
Who can benefit from this guide?
Anyone aspiring for a career in the UN, from beginners to experienced professionals.
How is the guide structured?
It's divided into chapters covering different stages of the UN application process.
What unique insights does the guide offer?
It includes real application examples, sample tests, and tips from UN HR officers.
Can this guide help with specific UN agencies?
Yes, it's tailored for various UN agencies and job types.
Are there any success stories?
The guide features testimonials from individuals who secured UN jobs.
How often is the content updated?
The guide is updated regularly to reflect the latest UN procedures.
Who create this guide?
This guide is created by the team who are currently working in UNICEF, IOM and WFP with 10 years+ experince
What payment methods are accepted?
The guide can be purchased through FastSpring, a reliable e-commerce platform for secure transactions. FastSpring supports various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, direct transfers, and others.
Is it safe?
Yes, notable companies that trust FastSpring include Adobe, Intel, TechSmith, RankMath, and FlowMapp.